Personalised surgery for everyone

Cost effective personalised surgery for everyone



Our core philosophy is to put patients at the centre of care. We do this by providing the tools for surgeons to plan each patient’s surgery in 3D. Our 3D printed instruments are matched to each patient to deliver that plan in surgery, whilst minimising bone resection and preserve soft tissues. Our mission is simple: to deliver cost effective personalised surgery for everyone.


Core Technologies

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Our surgical planning tools allows surgeons to make decisions about implant size and position pre-operatively, in a calm and quiet environment, so that they can focus on the patient when it comes to surgery.

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02. Disposable Instrumentation

Disposable instrument sets allow your surgical teams to work more efficiently by reducing instrument set. This reduces the cost of re-sterilisation, and importantly allows you to focus on your patients.

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03. Novel implants

We match our implant designs to the clinical need. The H1 implant is an example our ability to bring patented innovations to the orthopaedic market safely and effectively.


Put your patients at the centre of our care

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Embody is a spin out from Imperial College London. The company was founded in 2012 by Dr Susannah Clarke and Professor Justin Cobb. Since then, Embody have developed and delivered a number of innovate solutions to the orthopaedic industry.


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